Let us help you!

Let us help you!

The # 1 for testing food intolerances, DNA, minerals, heavy metals etc.

A food intolerance test, DNA test or Minerals and Heavy metal test is a good method to gain insight into the functioning of your body.
By means of a few drops of blood (via a finger prick), saliva swap or hairsample we can see how your body responds to the current diet and possibly detect the cause of your symptoms.
We also have experience with different dietary choices, as Vegetarian, Veganism, Flexitarier ….


You can make an appointment at the following visitor locations:
Amsterdam – Den Haag – Rotterdam – Eindhoven – Utrecht – Apeldoorn – Arnhem – Deventer

For more information or to make an appointment, please call us at: 085-0653682


Or do you prefer a Home Screening?
Through our webshop you can easily order our kits for blood, urine, saliva or hair samples.
You will receive a personal report with all the results, dietry advice, lifestyle recommendations etc.
Personal conference with one of our experience experts after receiving the results for free
3 months of free telephone support etc.

Minimum age for testing intolerances; approx. 2 years (special KIDS tests)
For more information, call us: 085-0653682


You can order your screening by simply order online. Or you can make an appointment with one of our experience experts at one of our following locations:

Amsterdam – Den Haag – Rotterdam – Eindhoven – Utrecht – Apeldoorn – Arnhem – Deventer

Heeft u vragen? You can reach us by phone, e-mail or the contactform.


Online order: We will send you the recommended kit. You send the sample to our laboratory with the free-of-charge answering envelope. As soon as we have received your sample, your test will be scheduled and executed.

Would you rather make an appointment? During the consultation we collect blood (via a simple finger prick) and / or a saliva swap. As soon as we have the samples, the test is scheduled at the laboratory and carried out.


As soon as all testresults are ready, they will be processed and you will receive the extensive report by e-mail. After receiving the full report you can make a call-back appointment!

Centrum voor Voedingsintolerantie

Physical and mental reactions to certain foods are more common than you might think, most of them are caused by one or more food intolerances or hidden food allergies.

Our experience shows that about 25% of the population suffers from a (hidden) food allergy, while> 45% have (serious) symptoms related to food intolerance.

The various symptoms caused by food intolerance or allergy are numerous and vary in severity, often affect the digestive system, skin, joints, breathing, hormone (im) balance, energy levels and even mental health.

Complaints can be caused by different foods and the body’s reaction to these specific foods (IgG1-3, IgG4 etc.). Based on our experience and achieved results by our clients, we advice you which test can benefit most. Some complaints, however, can occur in different reactions to foods.

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